Ray Gun Reviews
SF/F reviews — and ray guns!

What we’re up to here

Yes, that title’s purposefully ambiguous.

Let’s start with the reason for our existence. Ray Gun Reviews started as the review column for the Ray Gun Revival e-zine when it was being published by Double-Edged Publishing. That relationship is soon about to come to an end (on completely amicable grounds), and RGRevival will, after a short hiatus, come back to life as RGR2.0. (I know a bit of what’s in store, but I’ll leave that revelation to the Overlords of RGRevival.)

One question, though, about this change was how the reviews column would interact. The aforementioned Overlords of RGRevival were all willing to allow the review column to stay at the RGRevival site, but after some discussion with RGRevival founder Johne Cook, we decided to spin it off into its own site. This allows both RGRevival and RGReviews to grow according to their own needs without stepping on each other’s toes. (Anyone with more than one teenager in the house will understand this.) And so, RGReviews was born.

That was then. This is now.

At present, I’m working on converting and re-posting most all of the reviews we had in RGR1.0, as well as adding in new ones. At the same time, I’m hoping to start blogging on events and occurrences relevant to SF/F fans. Some things I’d like to add in is regular commentary and analysis of trends and possibly product give-aways (but that is a ways off in coming).

As a start-up (of sorts), we’re busy building a loyal readership base, so please let everyone know about us.

As always, if you’re interested in reviewing for us, drop me a line (or comment here).

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