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The Near Death of a Blog

September 14, 2012

It’s been nearly a year since the last update to this blog. In that time, things have been… crazy. I needed time away to try simply to survive. Well, since I’m writing this, I obviously survived. What happened: I work at a public university in an, um, ‘upper middle management’ position. With the recession, we’ve […]

Back soon

September 24, 2011

The summer has come and gone, and our promised return in September hasn’t happened yet. I came down with a horrible chest virus in August, and have only just recovered enough to feel like a human being again. I might get a review posted before the end of the month, but we will definitely be […]

How we will spend our summer vacation

June 14, 2011

Yes, the downtime I’ve mentioned in the past has finally happened: Donald and I are both worn out and needing some ‘refresh’ time, so RGReviews is going on hold for the summer. We’ll be back in September. Until then, have fun, and continue reading!

Pausing for a moment

April 20, 2011

Our regular readers may have noticed we didn’t have a review posted yesterday, our usual posting day. The past two months have been incredibly busy for me and my family, so I haven’t been able to read/review as many books as usual. I try to always have a bit of a backlog for when these […]

RGR Strikes Back!

February 1, 2011

Bumping my own review for this, but had to report: It’s alive! After a few months in suspended hibernation, our mothership — Ray Gun Revival — is back! This time around, instead of a bi-weekly/monthly PDF, the Evil Overlords are serving up content on a regular basis throughout the month — sort of like Clarkesworld. […]

Hurry up and wait

July 31, 2010

My day job is as an upper-management wonk at an institution of higher learning. My work flow is best described as ‘hurry up and wait’. I have moments of extreme busy-ness followed by not-quite-as-extreme busy-ness while I wait on someone else to do their part. During those less busy moments, I have opportunity to post. […]

Support your independents!

July 15, 2010

I work blocks from one of the greatest bookstores for SF/F books — the University Book Store — and I live near another great bookstore — Third Place Books. Both have staff that are incredibly knowledgeable about the SF/F genre and are always willing to chat with you about what’s coming up or are more […]

What we review

July 14, 2010

This is the 2nd post in a series defining Ray Gun Reviews. Today I’m going to explain (briefly) what we review. Science fiction and fantasy. See? That was easy. For those of you wishing for more, I’ll happily oblige. Ray Gun Reviews started as the review column for

What we’re up to here

July 12, 2010

Yes, that title’s purposefully ambiguous. Let’s start with the reason for our existence. Ray Gun Reviews started as the review column for the Ray Gun Revival e-zine when it was being published by Double-Edged Publishing. That relationship is soon about to come to an end (on completely amicable grounds), and RGRevival will, after a short […]


July 8, 2010

Sorry for the blog going quiet. I had a major remodeling project coming up, so I queued up a bunch of posts to get me through it. Then the contractors changed the timeline and I lost track of where things were at. I’ll be getting reviews posted soon.