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Petrodor by Joel Shepherd

September 30, 2011

Shop Indie Bookstores Petrodor by Joel Shepherd Pyr, 2010, 441pp. Sasha has just led a successful campaign in her homeland of Lenayin. The king, her father, has pardoned her for her role in the uprising, but has banished her from her homeland. She finds herself in the port city of Petrodor, home of her mentor, […]

Sasha by Joel Shepherd

December 14, 2010

Shop Indie Bookstores Sasha by Joel Shepherd Pyr, 2009, 514pp. After the death of her brother and heir to the throne, Princess Sasha has rejected her birthright and life in the capital city of the land of Lenayin. She now lives in the countryside, apprentice to the great warrior Kessligh. She is happy with her […]

Cassandra Kresnov series by Joel Shepherd

September 7, 2010

(Note: This review originally appeared in Ray Gun Revival 50, Jan 2009) Shop Indie Bookstores Crossover by Joel Shepherd Pyr, 2006. 459 pages Breakaway by Joel Shepherd Pyr, 2007. 427 pages Killswitch by Joel Shepherd Pyr, 2007. 451 pages Artificial humans abound in science fiction, from Karel Capek’s R.U.R. and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the […]