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Broken Honour by Robert Earl

May 10, 2011

Shop Indie Bookstores Broken Honour by Robert Earl Black Library, 2011, 409pp. It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover, and I’m not talking about determining whether it is good or bad, but rather what the book is about. Take the book under review as an example. When I was looking at the […]

Heldenhammer by Graham McNeill

September 28, 2010

Shop Indie Bookstores Heldenhammer by Graham McNeill Black Library (Games Workshop), 2008, 414pp. I’ve ‘discovered’ the world of Warhammer this past year and have been enjoying reading in that universe. And it’s quite the universe. I haven’t tried finding exact numbers, but there are already hundreds of books, spread out across four different eras, with […]